"LUMPIA" movie DVD & "LUMPIA PALOOZA" concert DVD out this holiday season!


Finally! This holiday season, don't forget the LUMPIA! We're
proud to announce the release of not one but TWO Lumpia-
lovin' DVD products: "LUMPIA" movie Special Edition DVD
and "LUMPIA PALOOZA" concert DVD.

LUMPIA (2003) 81 min. /Color/Action Comedy
Special Edition DVD
Produced by Kid Heroes Productions
in association with Xylophone Films
Distributed by Alica Way Entertainment
Release Date: Nov. 23, 2004
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99

"A homemade relief from unfunny big-budget flicks...

"A movie made for all aspiring filmmakers to see!"

LUMPIA "the ultimate home made movie" finally comes home in
a special edition DVD packed with never before seen features and
music videos exclusively created for this home edition. LUMPIA
takes you back to the late-90's when tension is at an all-time high
in Fogtown High School. James (Francis Custodio) and his misfit
pack of friends do their best to stand up to Tyrone (Edward Baon)
and his crew of thugs who have invented a new fad of (gulp!)
F.O.B. bashing! But only one hero stands in their way... a silent
avenger (Carlos Baon) who delivers justice one deep-fried LUMPIA
at a time! With James falling for his classmate Kelly (Elizabeth
Mendoza), will such a fighter be enough to ward off the one enemy
that threatens to obliterate all?

Romance, action, and comedy are all rolled up deliciously in this
satire full of slapstick martial arts sequences and comic-book
battles. Don't miss out on this home-made cult sensation and
experience why LUMPIA is the "youth project that got
delightfully out of hand." (Variety)!

-Cast and crew audio commentary
-4 EXCLUSIVE music videos featuring PACIFICS, InnerVoices,
10.01, and Janice Aranas
-Deletes Scenes not seen anywhere!
-Making-of LUMPIA featurette
-2 TV Spots and Trailer
-Blooper Reel
-Old short film: The Green Magician"
-Scene Navigation
-Subtitles: English
-The LUMPIA Experience: Hear the movie with a sold out audience!
-BASTOS! The uncensored version you're not supposed to hear

LUMPIA PALOOZA (2004) Music Video/Concert
Special Edition DVD
Produced by Xylophone Films in association with SFSU Fil-Grad 2004
Distributed by Alica Way Entertainment
Release Date: Nov. 23, 2004
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99


From the creators of the movie "LUMPIA" comes a concert like no
other! On April 16, 2004, more than a dozen musicians and hundreds
of fans gathered together to share their love for music and LUMPIA!
In staying true to the spirit of the "ultimate home made movie",
independent artists took the stage in the heart of San Francisco, CA
to showcase what "mainstream" does not want you to experience.
C'mon music fans, THIS is the concert event you've been waiting for,
never before showcased on DVD!

StereoStaR FM, Lyrikal Beatz, Natalise, DJ Swift Rock, The Outsiders,
IF, 6th Day, Golda Supanova, Alaja, marQue, PHUZ, and Next Phaze.
Hosted by Roslynn of Third Floor Radio

TheSpeaks, titofelix, Knowa Lazarus, The Skyflakes, and InnerVoices

Fil-Am Bands Reunited: Buffy and the Kandee Girls
Freska hosts this wild ride, in search of one of the premier artists of her time,
Buffy and her dance group the Kandee Girls. Relive their music and witness
it all unfold! Why did they break up? WIll they reunite on stage

-Multi-Angle Performances: 6th Day, Golda
-Music Video Jukebox
-Scene Navigation
Both DVD products are scheduled to be released at stores in limited
quantites on Tuesday, November 23, which is National Love That LUMPIA
Day! Yes, even if you don't buy our DVD's, celebrate your love of the
Filipino egg roll by cooking up a batch for your family and friends and
greeting all your fellow LUMPIA lovers "Love that LUMPIA!" Try it!
You'll love it!

Nest week we'll announce the stores that definitely love their LUMPIA!
There is ONE store however that is for sure going to carry ALL our
products! Tower Records Stonestown in San Francisco gets first dibs...

Tower Records, Alica Way Entertainment, and
invite you to the official "LUMPIA" and "LUMPIA PALOOZA" DVD Release
WHEN: Saturday, November 20, 2004, 3pm-5pm
WHERE: Tower Records Stonestown,
3205 20th Ave. 2nd Floor in San Francisco
Special Performances by Natalise (Lumpia Palooza), Next Phaze (Lumpia,
Lumpia Palooza), and introducing Janice Aranas (Lumpia).
FREE admission! LUMPIA will be served. The LUMPIA cast/crew/
neighborhood will there to autograph your copies.

We are lucky to have your support and honestly, this DVD release
would not have happened without you. A home made movie 7 years
in the making that inspired a 2 year tour, a Black Eyed Peas video,
and now on DVD??? Unheard of! We hope this release will
inspire you to continue supporting indie artists and of course, to
always LOVE that LUMPIA!!!!

Hey the tour may be over but the LUMPIA lovin' has just begun!

Peace and LUMPIA grease,
Patricio Ginelsa
Writer/Director "Lumpia"

"Taking low-budget to new heights... a youth project that got
delightfully out of hand... street-level affectionate look at kid culture
among Filipino immigrants... should be shown in high-school media
classes across the continent"
-Ken Eisner, VARIETY

"Loveable, interesting, culturally sensitive while being very

"'Lumpia' a homemade relief from unfunny big-budget flicks...

"If you're looking for a surprise hit, then this is it! A movie made for
all aspiring film makers to see, LUMPIA is a film that will make you
feel the true magic of the movies."

"A thoroughly enjoyable teen comedy… LUMPIA will leave a great
taste in your mouth!"
-2004 Toronto ReelWorld Film Festival

"Leaves you wanting more at the end of each scene... [with] tasteful
comic book panels and delightful morsels of musical jaunts... Above
all, LUMPIA wraps orthodox and novel ideas of ethnic-based schism
to interject an awareness that will stick to your soul as much as the
delicacy that sticks to your ribs"
-2003 Hawaii International Film Festival