The "LUMPIA" 2004 Recap: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The "LUMPIA" 2004 Recap: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

What can we say, LUMPIA lovers? 2004 will be a hard year to let go.
It was for us, a year of accomplishment and of milestone... of the impossible
becoming reality... of support and unity. Before we say goodbye, here's
a quick and brief recap of 2004, "THE YEAR OF LUMPIA"...

The LUMPIA crew kicks off 2004 by shooting their first ever music video,
a 2 weekend shoot with InnerVoices and actress Joy Bisco that would
spawn 2 videos "U Don't Have 2 Worry" and "S-O-S". The experience
would create a fascination with the music video medium.

The hype over LUMPIA in 2003 spills over to the first screening of 2004
where LUMPIA debuts in Philadelphia. The highlight? The Black Eyed
Peas notify LUMPIA director Patricio Ginelsa by phone in Europe that
they LOVE his "Apl Song" video script and want to fund the video. The
"Philly" crowd is the first to know!

MARCH 2004
Proceeds from 2003 LUMPIA merchandise/ticket sales are used to fund the
CD Soundtrack for LUMPIA, which in turn helps out the musicians and
funds the upcoming LUMPIA DVD. The CD debuts on the TOP FIVE of
best selling CDs at Tower Records Stonestown in San Francisco.

APRIL 2004
LUMPIA makes its CANADA premiere at Toronto's ReelWorld Film
Festival, as well as premieres in Iowa City, Utah, and Michigan.

On April 16, LUMPIA spawned its first ever concert in San Francisco
appropriately named LUMPIA PALOOZA, featuring a Fil-Am Bands
Reunited segment in search of Buffy and the Kandee Girlz.

April ends with the LUMPIA crew traveling to Chicago. There, they
premiere the movie and they shoot their next music video with the
PACIFICS. The video "Especialty" would later become a film festival hit!

MAY 2004
After LUMPIA premieres in Seattle and Las Vegas, the LUMPIA crew
shoot "The APL Song" music video with the world famous Black Eyed
Peas in an amazing 2 day shoot featuring an all-Star Filipino American cast.

JULY 2004
Frustrated by the lack of U.S. airplay, the LUMPIA crew starts an e-mail
campaign to request "the APL Song" video on MTV's Total Request Live.
The Internet is taken by storm as thousands answer the call and vote
on July 26. A group of hardcore supporters show up in front of MTV
Studios to wave signs of support. The video did not air that day, but is
acknowledged by MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo. A week later, MTV will
air 5 seconds of the "APL Song" video.

The Black Eyed Peas return home to Los Angeles from a world tour
to be greeted by hardcore supporters at their "APL Song" Video Industry
Premiere. The video's main star, Marion Ginelsa is too sick to attend.

The following weekend, he passes away peacefully at the age of 83. The
LUMPIA crew discovers that Marion is really a WWII veteran.

After screenings in Washington, D.C. and again in Chicago, LUMPIA
ends its tour with a final premiere in VIRGINIA. On November 23, LUMPIA and LUMPIA PALOOZA is released on DVD in grand style with a packed
Release Party at Tower Records Stonestown in San Francisco. After
2 days in release, LUMPIA becomes the NUMBER ONE selling DVD
in that store, beating mainstream hits such as Harry Potter 3 and
Spider-Man 2. The LUMPIA DVD is self-distributed in stores all over
the U.S. where sales continue to do well. The "ULTIMATE HOME
MADE MOVIE" has ended its journey.

We see in our 2005 crystal ball some cloudy visions of some more
music videos, indie and mainstream perhaps? Hmmmmm. I see
LUMPIA PALOOZA 2 with another Fil-Am Bands Reunited and oh no!
Who's that performing? It can't be... but it is! I also see another DVD
release in November. Oh my! The LUMPIA crew is distributing THAT
Filipino movie? And I see something brewing in that LUMPIA
kitchen. They're cooking it in 2005 but the details are very blurry.
I don't see that unwrapping until 2006 maybe?

The details are coming soon so STICK WITH US!

Thank you all for a GREAT YEAR! May all your New Year resolutions
come TRUE!!!

Peace and LUMPIA grease,