Happy 10th Anniversary Lumpia!

Today MARCH 28 is our ANNIVERSARY; Happy Decade, LUMPIA Lovers! Watch our birthday greeting!

Dear LUMPIA Lovers,

As I write this, I can't help but feel overcome with emotion. Today marks the very day 10 years ago
when we finally premiered this little homemade movie called LUMPIA. Yes it was shot over a span
of 7 years and it started out as a simple reunion film where all of our neighborhood buddies could
get together and relive our childhood years making movies together. But something clicked that night of March 28, 2003 in San Francisco State University in front of a standing room only auditorium.

Whether a LUMPIA lover or hater, the movie gained a cult following that still continues today. Just last week, a random fan went up to me at a film festival and proclaimed "Love That LUMPIA!!!"

Most importantly, it ignited us as a team and a community. LUMPIA would spawn a whole decade of
prolific projects ranging from our Black Eyed Peas videos, indie music videos to our award-winning short films.

I've had my share of ups and downs throughout this decade but what really keeps me going is your continued support. Believe me, I'll need it more than ever when we announce our next project, very soon...

But for now, this moment TODAY belongs to the "ultimate home made movie" and to all the LUMPIA lovers out there that keep this story about a LUMPIA-slingin' avenger alive!

Peace and LUMPIA grease,
Patricio Ginelsa
"indie" Filmmaker