Named after the deep-fried Filipino dish, LUMPIA is a home-made feature shot with local teens in a Daly City, CA neighborhood over a seven year span beginning in the summer of 1996. When it finally debuted in 2003, the film won over film festivals and community screenings, gaining itself a cult following. The home made movie even got noticed by Hollywood with a positive film review from VARIETY:
"Taking low-budget to new heights, LUMPIA is a youth project that got delightfully out of hand. "
-- Variety, January 14, 2004

LUMPIA became the first of many more collaborations between Kid Heroes Productions and Xylophone Films during the last decade, including high profile music videos with the Black Eyed Peas, and commercials for L&L Hawaiian BBQ, DIRECTV, and Lincoln.

In celebration of the countless artists that donated their music to the movie, a spin-off concert series emerged called LUMPIA PALOOZA. The first two installments took place in San Francisco (2004 and 2005) with the last one taking place in San Diego (2006).

2013 marks the 10th year anniversary of the original movie, with new retrospective videos, a revamped website, and a reunion screening on August 9.
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  • Part of a wave of Filipino American films that hit the scene in the early 2000's including the THE FLIP SIDE, DISORIENTED, and THE DEBUT.

  • For filmmaking brothers PATRICIO & DARRIEL GINELSA, LUMPIA was simply a reunion film in which their childhood friends in their Daly City neighborhood got back together and to relive their days of making movies each summer.

  • The entire film was shot on consumer Video 8 camcorders. Filming began during the summer of 1996 using locations throughout their hometown of Daly City, CA, a city with one of the largest populations of Filipinos in the U.S.

  • Inspired by Robert Rodriguez's film EL MARIACHI, the action comedy also uses the cultural icon as a tool/weapon, mixing its tongue-in-cheek, comic book tone with underlying cultural themes.

  • Shot over a span of 7 years, the home made charm of the movie includes continuity errors, video overexposure, actors aging and changing in appearance between scenes.

  • Editor A.J. CALOMAY's kinetic trailer for LUMPIA became a viral video circulating underground among the pre-YouTube internet community.

  • The hype culminated into a sold out San Francisco world premiere with a 300+ standing room only audience in March 2003.

  • The strong word of mouth led to college/ high school screenings in Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, Virginia, Washington DC.

  • It was accepted to multiple film festivals in Hawaii, Toronto, New York, Utah, and Iowa.

  • Comic illustrator LEROID DAVID was tapped to be the primary LUMPIA artist while volunteering for the movie THE DEBUT. That film's associate producer was LUMPIA director Patricio Ginelsa who fell in love with LeRoid's sketches.

  • The film boasted a soundtrack of original music from independent and talented Filipino/Asian American musicians all over the U.S . That embrace expanded to a 3 year concert series called LUMPIA PALOOZA celebrating the independent artists.

  • The success of LUMPIA helped director Patricio Ginelsa land a gig with the Grammy-winning BLACK EYED PEAS. He wrote and directed 2 of their music videos, THE APL SONG & BEBOT.

  • The community spirit behind the making of LUMPIA continues with every project the filmmakers have produced in the past decade. Every production is a learning experience and collaboration between community members, students/ volunteers, and film professionals.

  • The LUMPIA filmmakers hope to continue this trend with their new feature, which they hope to raise the funds for with their first ever KICKSTARTER campaign.