How often do you see a Filipino American feature? We believe we have the resources, the talent, & the INFLUENCE to make it happen with this crazy comic book action comedy. Former UFC fighter MARK MUNOZ joins the LUMPIA sequel as the lead action star. Believe & join the #LumpiaWreckingMachine

15 years after the original, the LUMPIA-armed avenger returns to Fogtown in this action comedy! A maid of honor to her own parents' wedding, teenager RACHEL finds herself tangled up with a drug syndicate. When she finds out her father MON MON is the main target, she teams up with the LUMPIA-armed vigilante to prevent a mysterious new drug lord from destroying her town, and her parents' wedding...

Though the original movie was home made, this sequel will be a high quality feature with top notch production value shot on 4K high definition cameras produced by an award-winning filmmaking team led by director Patricio Ginelsa.

Many people don't realize how difficult it is to produce a feature length movie with people of color. We've experienced first hand its cruel challenges and yet here we are, still determined to make this Filipino American movie happen. And why? Simply put, we can't expect the industry to tell our stories for us AND we believe we have the resources, the talent, and the INFLUENCE to make it happen, not only for this movie but for a whole slate of them.

We've been very fortunate to be a part of some of the higher profile projects in the Filipino American community. From THE DEBUT to the BLACK EYED PEAS music videos, we've been able to use these platforms to empower our community. THE DEBUT proved at the time that it was possible for a Filipino American movie to play in mainstream movie theatres and to be distributed (home video) by a Hollywood studio. We used the Black Eyed Peas APL SONG music video to talk about our Filipino WWII veteranos while one version of our BEBOT video captured the Filipino farmers of 1936 Stockton.

In acknowledging how rare these opportunities are, we utilized our network to include as many notable Fil-Am stars and professionals in front of and behind the camera as a way to show the force of talent our community has.

What's the reward for all our efforts? We inspire and educate a community and a whole new generation that may see more people that look like them on screen and on YouTube,
but who rarely see any stories or movies about them or their history.
And we intend to do that again... with this crazy comic book action comedy starring a kick ass Filipino American role model as its action lead. We believe our LUMPIA sequel has all
the potential ingredients needed to capture a universal audience while being profitable for its investors and being an exciting and empowering experience for the cast, crew, and everyone involved.

It is our hope that its success will help us further our careers and our cause to produce MORE films about our stories. Only by collaborating and combining our influence, can we
maximize the potential for this.

Join us in creating a global appetite for the LUMPIA Sequel...

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